Traveling around the world to show you healthy living in different cultures


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Leeton, Australia – The Outback Champ
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Queenstown, New Zealand – Elements of Adrenaline
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Auckland, New Zealand – Pork & Puha
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Tukavesi, Fiji – Health: Nature’s Gift to All
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Monteverde, Costa Rica – The Society of Friends
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Costa Rica – Off the Grid
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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – Every Little Butt Counts
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Cusco, Peru – Ayahuasca: Take your Medicine
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Santiago, Chile – The Mindful Graffitera
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Buenos Aires, Argentina – Food for Thought
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Patagonia, Argentina – A Man and His Horse
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Buenos Aires, Argentina – Tango: A Metaphor for Life
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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Capoeira: Disguised as Dance
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San Francisco, California – Don’t Stop Running
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Santa Monica, California – The Strength of Self Love
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Los Angeles, California – Plant-Based Performance
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San Jose, California – Don’t Forget to Learn
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Loma Linda, California – Centenarian’s Guide to Longevity
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Lexington, Kentucky – The Roadkill Cure
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Poultney, Vermont – Love Thy Farmer
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Johannesburg, South Africa – Girl With Cake
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Is there a single way to get fit? Be healthy? And, most importantly, be happy? Nope. There are a million ways to live.

There are healthy people around the world with different personalities, cultures, beliefs, goals, traditions, ideologies, and countries who find health and happiness in their own unique way.

In our international documentary travel series, we focus on what all these people have in common. We call them Healthy Lifestyle Principles:

Real Food, Movement, Rest & Relaxation
Lifelong Learning, Community and Love.

Join us as we travel around the world to show you incredible people with amazing stories that are sure to inspire and motivate you. After watching a few episodes, we hope everyone is a little more open-minded and accepting of other ways of life and finding happiness.

After all, we’re all trying to find the same things in life: health and happiness. We just have different ways of looking.

If nothing else, let’s all celebrate the beautiful diversity of this world.

Welcome to Million Ways to Live!



Luke Sniewski

Luke enjoys doing handstands, playing with his son Jack, and living the life of a nelipot. He wrote a book, Million Ways to Live, and now he's traveling around the world making this documentary series. He writes about meditation, movement, lifestyle, and travel here.

Luke is a student of the human body. A former professional football player and Certified Public Accountant, this modern Renaissance man found his passion for life diving into the diverse realms of healthy living. He's got plenty of professional credentials not worth mentioning here. He likes making people laugh and smile. One day he hopes to be as cool as his son, though he knows that will probably never happen.

Claire Robbie

Mama to Jack Jozef, yoga teacher/student, founder of Jack & Olive Retreats, and intrepid traveler. She enjoys writing about being a Mum, traveling, yoga and the lessons learnt dealing with the beautiful instability that comes with being a gypsy for a year. Check out her musings here.

A former television news reporter back in her native New Zealand, Claire left the fast paced TV world to figure out what she was truly passionate about. She began teaching yoga in Los Angeles after personally experiencing the transformative nature of a consistent practice. Now she's a globetrotter supermum, teaching wellness retreats all over the world.

Jack Jozef

Jack Jozef (aka Little Blue, aka Bruiser, aka Destroyer, aka Giggles) pretty much runs the show at Million Ways to Live. He decides when everyone eats, works, and sleeps. Currently, he is working on his walking and aims to own at least 4 more ridiculous hats his mum makes him wear. He has 6 teeth.

Bensen Fan

Bensen, the resident nanny, left behind the incredibly exhilarating job of software engineer to join the Million Ways to Live team as an all-in-one assistant and helper. He enjoys reading, traveling, and figuring out how to cook in hostels. His fried rice is vicious, but pales in comparison to his fencing skills.


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